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Mountain Journal welcomes submissions in the form of regular news and feature stories written by experienced journalists, photo essays, guest columns and commentaries, and letters to the editor.  All written content appearing on our virtual pages must be accurate, fact-checkable, and meet standards of decency and civility.

In this first phase of launch, Mountain Journal will not accept unsolicited submissions, though we do invite those interested in writing for MoJo to send in story proposals. Email us.  We will also entertain running previously-published pieces that have relevance to the issues covered here and to our readers.

Unfortunately, we do not yet have a budget that allows us to pay our writers but we hope with the support of foundations and and donations from readers who believe in public-interest journalism, that will soon be remedied. 

Find out more by contacting us using the link below.

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Patagonia proudly supports Mountain Journal.

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