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Meaningful public-interest journalism at the intersection of people and nature in America's wildest, most iconic ecosystem

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Mountain Journal is headquartered in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, the wildest region in the Lower 48 states and a nexus for understanding the inter-relationships between people and nature in the American West.

As a non-profit 501 (c)(3), our mission is simple. We are committed to public-interest journalism focused on understanding the trends and forces at work in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.  In order for us to succeed, we need your support.

Besides providing compelling stories, Mountain Journal is dedicated to advancing the principles of civility, promoting honest discussions informed by facts, demanding accountability from those in positions of power and influence, and delivering a thoughtful, truthful analysis to our readers. We believe storytelling is vital to enlightenment; it can make visible the invisible and bring illumination to aspects of human culture and landscape that have otherwise remained in the shadows. We believe in confronting serious issues and, at the same time, the need for bringing levity as necessary relief, art for inspiration, and listening as a way of reminding us why we live here or choose to make this unparalleled corner of the West our destination.

Think of Mountain Journal as the celebration of a region to which all Americans belong, a broad sweep of public and private land with many parts that transcend artificial boundaries.  How we think about and engage in issues here has implications for the future.

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The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem as a window on the West

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