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A letter to readers from the Mountain Journal Board of Directors

In times of uncertainty, the sun will rise. At Mountain Journal, we're witnessing the dawn of a new day. Photo by Labun Chemjong, CC0
In times of uncertainty, the sun will rise. At Mountain Journal, we're witnessing the dawn of a new day. Photo by Labun Chemjong, CC0
EDITOR'S NOTE: Many of you have heard the rumors that Mountain Journal is closing its doors. Please read the letter below from MoJo's Board of Directors. We value you, our readers, allies and supporters, and look forward to taking the next steps together.

Dear Valued Mountain Journal Readers and Supporters,

Over the past several weeks, our Board of Directors has heard from many of you. You desperately want to keep Mountain Journal alive. You are uncomfortable without Mountain Journal on the job.

As a board, we have had tough conversations about what it would take to continue. Like you, we believe that the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem needs a voice. It needs nonprofit public-interest journalism to inform, to debate, to expose problems and to seek solutions for the many issues facing our public lands and wildlife. Now more than ever.

It’s no secret that journalism outlets of all kinds are struggling to stay in business, to remain relevant, struggling to hire talented writers and editors, and to keep the doors open. It seems that almost daily another newspaper or magazine closes its doors.

Mountain Journal may also face that one day, but not today. You have asked us—implored us—to stay vital.

I know you will be encouraged and pleased to learn that Mountain Journal has secured a major gift from one of our readers to fully examine our options in the region. We have hired Mike Clark to do just that. Mike served for two years as the first Chair of MoJo’s board. He is a former journalist and was twice (12 years total) the Executive Director of the Greater Yellowstone Coalition. He has served as a board member for 26 nonprofits.

Mike joins MoJo to do a six-month full assessment of how—and if—we can grow to resume bringing you information and stories you need to know. Mike is looking at all options to build us a viable financial future. We want to expand our writer base and to incorporate new approaches to keeping you informed.

We ask now that you consider how you can support this mission. We’d love to hear from you.

Thank you for your love of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Please keep an eye out for upcoming articles!


Hank Perry
Mountain Journal Board Chair
On behalf of the MoJo Board of Directors

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