Future of grizzlies are just one topic featured in new book
Future of grizzlies are just one topic featured in new book

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"In a cascading moment of all we stand to lose, what we gain by reading Ripple Effects are insights into community of committed citizens from brave biologists to business visionaries who care. If hope is a force field, Todd Wilkinson creates a force field of stories capable of true change and cultural transformation in the service of the wild."  —Terry Tempest Williams

Are you among the millions on Earth who love Yellowstone and the Tetons? Do you care about the future of grizzly bears, wolves, bison and wildlife migrations that have been called an American version of the Serengeti? Yellowstone National Park is the geographic heart of the richest large mammal ecosystem remaining in the Lower 48 states. 

Ripple Effects, the new book from Todd Wilkinson and Mountain Journal, will both seize your attention and inspire you to care for this region that is a national treasure. Order the book by donating $100 or more and see how every single one of us can cast a positive ripple effect. 

Ripple Effects Book Cover
Want to cast a positive ripple for nature? Ripple Effects: How to Save Yellowstone and America's Most Iconic Wildlife Ecosystem is on shelves and available now. Here's what some are saying about the book:

"Yellowstone is more than a park, as Todd Wilkinson reminds us in this deeply reported, important, passionate book. Yellowstone is more than an ecosystem. Yellowstone is a grand idea that America had, a hundred and fifty years ago, and retains—that nature, big and wild, is an essential part of our country. That idea can't survive without defenders."  —David Quammen, author of Breathless, a forthcoming book about Covid, and the critically-acclaimed Spillover: Animal Infections and the Next Human Pandemic; and The Song of the Dodo.

When you buy a copy of Ripple Effects, proceeds go to Mountain Journal, (a nonprofit, online, public-interest journalist publication), to help us bolster our reporting staff. We operate with the motto: "Our Summit Is Truth." Plus, we are proud to be working with a friends group of Yellowstone National Park called Yellowstone Forever 

About The Author

Todd Wilkinson, founder of Mountain Journal, has had a long and prominent role in American journalism. His writing has appeared everywhere, from National Geographic and The Guardian to The Washington Post and Christian Science Monitor. Wilkinson predominantly writes on environmental, artistic, cultural, and business-focused topics.

Todd is also the author of The Last Stand: Ted Turner's Quest to Save a Troubled Planet and a contributor on Witness to Spirit and River of Spirits. Other notable publications include the Grizzlies of Pilgrim Creek: An Intimate Portrait of 399, the Most Famous Bear of Greater Yellowstone that features stunning photographs by Thomas D. Mangelsen. Their book won a High Plains Book Award.