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Marshall Cutchin's 6 Tips For Starting Out The Fishing Season Right

The prize of angling isn't the requisite selfie fish photo; it's honoring the places that produce such magnificent creatures


1. Install the new app that shuts down your phone whenever you attempt to take a trophy selfie. Instead of striking that unconscious pose, reflect. Buy a high-quality mobile phone and take lots of vertical video. Record things that happen to you when you are fishing and forget about submitting to The F3T or International Fly Fishing Film Festival - IF4.

In fact, forget about the fish; the best things are those that happen to you while fishing that have nothing to do with fishing. Only authenticity matters. Be present and grateful in the moment.

2. Stop relying on generic sunscreen and instead cover your skin. Fishing masks were uncool before they were cool, and they are beginning to be uncool again. Which means it is time to start wearing them. 

3. Stop claiming to be someone who cares about the health of the places where fish live and yet do nothing that makes a positive difference to keep them that way. This is not as easy as it sounds. Do your homework. Then do it again. The only grades that matter in habitat protection are  'A's.

4. If anyone tells you on Facebook that fishing the way you want to fish is wrong, unfriend them.

5. Start intermittent fasting. It works. You'll appreciate food more and life will be richer.

6. Take at least one nap streamside or on the beach or boat per day. The point is to wake up not knowing where you are so that the first thing that pops into your head is "Wow, this is beautiful."

Marshall Cutchin
About Marshall Cutchin

Marshall Cutchin is the founder of MidCurrent, the most widely read online fly fishing magazine in the world. He also is an ardent conservationist and former fishing guide in the Florida Keys.
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