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A Bill to Ban Wildlife Whacking

June 20, 2024 // OPINION: Op-ed

Cody Roberts kisses the adolescent female wolf he crippled with his snowmobile
On the heels of a Wyoming man torturing and killing a wolf, a Texas Republican announces introduction of a bill to outlaw running over wildlife with motor vehicles, then holds off so stakeholders can weigh in.
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Wyoming Road Failure Reveals Housing Crisis

June 18, 2024 // OPINION: Op-ed

On June 8, a section of Highway 22 over Teton Pass collapsed in a massive landslide
Writers on the Range contributor Molly Absolon looks at the Teton Pass highway catastrophe and its impact on Jackson and its neighboring communities.
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Grizzly Hunting is Trophy Hunting

May 23, 2024 // OPINION: Op-ed

The future of grizzly bears will likely be decided this summer
In this op-ed, a former Yellowstone park ranger turned independent grizzly bear researcher writes that states will institute grizzly bear hunting if grizzlies lose protection under the Endangered Species Act.
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Wolf Whacking Must Go

May 14, 2024 // OPINION: Op-ed

A lone female wolf trudges through the snow near Tower Junction in Yellowstone's Northern Range
On the heels of a wolf that was tortured and killed in Wyoming, Mountain Journal columnist Franz Camenzind says laws need to change.
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Wilderness: An Update on the Custer Gallatin

April 25, 2024 // OPINION: Op-ed

Emigrant Peak in the Custer Gallatin National Forest
Considering the changing climate and recent proposals, four heavy hitters weigh in on the future of Wilderness, wildlife and the Custer Gallatin National Forest.
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Am I Taking Crazy Pills?

March 30, 2024 // OPINION: Op-ed

The Crazy Mountains, part of a complex and controversial proposed land exchange
Or does the land swap in the Crazy Mountains really need more scrutiny?
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Outrage in Wyoming Erupts Over Public-Land Auction

December 6, 2023 // OPINION: Op-ed

The 200-mile Path of the Pronghorn passes right through the 640-acre Kelly parcel
A pristine piece of public land within Grand Teton National Park is on the auction block. It could go to the highest bidder Dec. 7.
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Backward Thinking Targets Bears and Wolves

March 7, 2021 // OPINION: Op-ed

Bad old days for grizzlies?
Op-ed: Chris Servheen, longtime national head of grizzly recovery in Lower 48, says Montana, Idaho are degenerating into anti-predator hysteria.
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